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OIPA in India wants strict legal actions against all offenders as per the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 read with the PCA Act, 1960

Kartick Satyanarayan, Trustee,

Wildlife S.O.S. ( R )
D 210, Defence Colony,
New Delhi - 110024, India.

Dear Mr. Kartick,

First of all I would like to congratulate you for Raju, last performing bear rescue as per media report, hence under RTI Act, 2005 I want following information :-
1.Meet our Rescued Bears -, as per your Website report, Is any one can meet, touch, take photo or fed these rescued bears in your rescue centers?, if yes then what are the conditions and whether it is permissible under laws of the land and bear be comfortable not under any stress or pain during this course?
2. How many bear rescued till date since very beginning, please supply me the list, details of rescued bear along with present status of the animal and how many places identified to keep these bear and list of staff deputed with their qualification / how many bear died after their rescue under your custody, cause of death and disposal of dead body, information with complete relevant record?.
3. How many bear left to rescue or how many bear left India for Nepal or any other area outside India?
4. Under which custody and in which condition you rescued / received bear and Is there any legal action taken against the offenders, please supply me the full details along with present status of the case, orders of the competent court / authority?.
5.If legal action not yet taken against offenders then what were the reasons behind and Is there any proposal for legal actions against so called owners?
6. What are the policy to accept bear and which kinds of compensation given to the so called owners of the bear, Is there any proposal to rescue performing Monkeys from Kalandar like bear rescue?
7.What are the source of compensation and how much amount you have spent on it and what are the present status of the so called owners after giving compensation, whether they changed their livelihood or again they came with another performing animal to earn their bred and butter?.
Please let me know your bank account to deposit the fee required for the above said information and how much amount I have to paid to get this information in CD / hard copy both.
नरेश कादयान
Naresh Kadyan
अंतरराष्ट्रीय पशु रक्षा संगठन के भारतीय प्रतिनिधि
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection in India,
+91-9813010595 , 9313312099
पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता निवारणःनियम अधिनियम और सूचनाएँ,
ROHINI, DELHI - 110085.
All Wild animals including Sloth bear is a Government property as per section 39 of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 and bear cub snatched by the Kalandars after killing mother bear only to train and perform as per past practice here in India. Delhi High Court issued directions and to comply with these orders, the Govt. of India notified a ban of five Wild animals species including sloth bear, not to keep, train or perform with this animals. Founder Chairman of the People for Animals Haryana Naresh Kadyan introduced a rehabilitation scheme for Kalandars along with the dancing bears during 1999-2000. As per media reports as many as 600 performing bears were rescued by the Wild Life Authorities and handed over to Wildlife sos and Wildlife Trust of India for further treatment, care and shelter, but no legal actions against all 600 offenders have been taken so far by the enforcement agencies. Some performing bears are left India for Nepal as per past practice only due to negligence of concerned officials.
The International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India wants to know the reasons behind, for not taking legal actions against all offenders till now.



New Delhi, the 14th October, 1998

G.S.R. 619(E).— Whereas the High Court of Delhi in C.W.P No. 890/91 by its order dated 21st August, 1997 directed that "the Central Government may take up the notification dated 2-3-1991 for consideration afresh" and "take into consideration such material as may be available with it or it may choose to collect through any of the authentic agencies or such other agency or committee of experts as it may choose to appoint";

Whereas in pursuance of the order of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, the Central Government constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of Additional Inspector General of Forests (Wildlife) to have a fresh tool at the notification G S P No.252 dated 2-3-1991 in the light of the additional material available with any authenticated agencies such other agency persons;

Whereas the said Committee submitted its report to the Central Government;

Whereas the Central Government has taken into consideration the report of the said Committee;

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 22 of the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960), and in supersession of the Notification of the Government of India in the erstwhile Ministry of Environment and Forests G.S.R. No. 252 dated 2-3-1991 and G.S.R. No. 485 dated 7-8-1991, except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the Central Government hereby specifies that the following animals shall not be exhibited on trained as a performing animals, with effect from the date of publication of this notification, namely


2. Monkeys

3. Tigers


5. Lions

[File No. 9-9/97-A.W.]

Dr. M.S. AHMED, Jt. Secy.

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